How to Write a Letter for a Cancellation Waiver

In order to prove their trustworthiness, many businesses and service providers offer cancellation waivers in the event they are unable to provide the goods or services that were contracted from them. This practice is most prevalent in the travel industry, in which many transportation services (airlines, train companies, bus companies) provide waivers or vouchers to customers who were inconvenienced because of a canceled trip such as a flight or train or bus ride. Writing a letter requesting a cancellation waiver requires you to indicate the product or service for which you want the waiver, as well as proof of your right to that waiver.

Type your name and address on the top right of the page. Your name should be on the top line, the first line of your address (street number, street name, apartment number) on the second line, and the second line of your address (city, state, zip code) on the third line. You may also include a phone number or email address.

Type the delivery date and the name and address of the organization from which you are requesting a cancellation waiver underneath the last line of your address, but on the left side of the page.

Begin your letter with a formal salutation such as "Dear __:".

Indicate in the first line of the letter your name and the product or service for which you are requesting a cancellation waiver. For example, "My name is Bill Jobson, and I request a cancellation waiver or voucher as recompense for my recently canceled bus trip from Newark, New Jersey to Miami, Florida."

Detail your reason or reasons for requesting the cancellation waiver. If possible, include specific details about your situation. For example, you might write, "After waiting for nearly three hours for the bus to arrive, the travelers were told that the bus was rerouted to Camden, New Jersey."

Provide information about the company's policy regarding cancellation waivers or vouchers. Though companies are usually aware of their policies, demonstrating your knowledge of the policies may encourage a company to fulfill your request in a timely fashion. For example, you might write, "Pursuant to the 'cancellation' section of your service contract, it states that you will provide a 'waiver or voucher for any trip canceled within 24 hours of the departure time.'"

Reiterate your desire for a cancellation waiver, thank the company for their time and consideration, and provide contact information in the last lines of the letter. For example, you might write, "I thank you for your time and consideration of this cancellation waiver request. If necessary, a company representative can contact me by phone at 929-555-4656."

Close the letter with "Sincerely" or "Respectfully" and sign your name. Print your name underneath your signature.

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