How to Dry Out a Newspaper

If your newspaper gets wet due to rain, a flood, or a spill, it can be a hassle to dry to dry out. If a newspaper becomes wet, don't just throw it out. Follow these simple steps to dry it and have it back in reading condition.

Step 1

Carefully open the newspaper and separate the pages. Do this slowly to avoid tearing the paper. Wet newspaper pages have a tendency to stick together.

Step 2

Lay the pages of the newspaper flat on a horizontal surface.

Step 3

Turn the hairdryer on low heat and hold it approximately 5-6 inches from the paper. Blow the air directly downward onto the paper.

Step 4

Wait until the paper is dry to the touch and then carefully pick it up from the flat surface. If any part of the paper remains wet, it could stick to the surface and rip.

Step 5

Put the paper back in order and read.

Things You'll Need

  • Flat, nonstick surface
  • Blow Dryer
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