How to Write an Actor's Biography

A bio is an excellent opportunity for an actor to showcase his achievements and to allow his audience to get to know him. As a result, bios are an essential part of press kits and other promotional materials that generate publicity. If hiring a publicist or public relations specialist is out of your budget, you can write your bio yourself. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the information that makes up a successful actor’s bio and the correct ways of presenting this information.

Present all information in the third person, for example “Michael has participated in over 30 productions.”

Avoid listing your wishes and aspirations. Focus instead on presenting facts without using adding overly-wordy filler language.

Keep the bio short and concise in order to maintain the reader’s interest. A paragraph is ideal; your bio should not exceed one page in length.

Do not include every acting qualification you have earned and other information already mentioned in your resume.

Mention a non work-related tidbit or two, for instance a hobby or amusing anecdote. In addition to providing an interesting hook, this information allows the reader to get to know you as a person. Do not feel forced to include very personal details that you are not comfortable with sharing, for example your marital status.

List anywhere between one and five credits relating to your best or most well-known projects.


Update your biography often so that it reflects your growth as an actor and provides your most current details.